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English for the Workplace

Customized courses are developed specific to the needs of employers and their employees. The process begins with understanding the various impacts that limited English language proficiency has on workers' job performance. It is also critical to understand the vision of what it means to have a successful work environment from the perspective of the various stakeholders and the supports needed for assuring effective communication.


Development of the program requires identifying the goals and objectives of line workers, supervisors, upper management as well projected needs of those receiving services. Current and needed resources are assessed as well as the processes and timeline for curriculum development and producing instructional materials. Planning will include ways to monitor progress and identify measures directly related to the needs of the workplace. Instruction is contextualized based specifically on the work tasks and responsibilities of workers. Planning includes gathering information relevant to daily work requirements and situations as well as using training manuals to reinforce concepts and procedures.

Outcomes include measuring observable changes attributed to improved language communication leading to specific actions, changes in relationships with the public and co-workers, cultural sensitivity, productivity regarding task completion, and other factors that connected to language acquisition.