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Girls’ Initiative

The La Alianza Hispana Girls’ Initiative provides professionally supervised prevention-focused activities aimed at minimizing delinquency, drop-outs, premarital pregnancy, and other risky behaviors associated with Latina adolescents from impoverished communities. The Girls’ Initiative is available to adolescent girls between the ages of 13 and 17.

The Girls’ Initiative provides a safe, supportive, and professionally supervised peer-group environment enabling Latina adolescents to build healthy relationships, learn non-violent conflict resolution and coping skills, share in group achievements and recognition, experience a sense of belonging, and receive positive reinforcement.

The La Alianza Hispana Girls’ Initiative is available to 14 – 17 year old Boston area adolescent girls.  An initial screening process is conducted to determine group fit. The program is offered onsite at La Alianza Hispana and offsite at Madison Park High School for attending students who have been referred by their guidance counselor.

For Additional Information Please Call: 617-427-7175