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Education and Workforce Development


La Alianza Hispana was founded on the critical need to provide English language services to Latinos. Since then our Education and Workforce Development programs have played a vital role in creating and enhancing the economic opportunities for thousands of Boston area immigrants.


Mastering the English language is the key to success in the United States. This department helps adult English language learners jumpstart their journey towards success through language acquisition and cultural adaptation and other educational and training services that support community living. We are currently in the process of developing new initiatives based on the evolving needs of this community to help adult and youth learners  set and achieve personal and career goals leading to life-long personal and economic accomplishment.

La Alianza Hispana uses a strength-based, student-centered approach helping people acquire critical skills. Our approach using principles and practices of adult learning integrates the life experiences of learners as part of the curriculum. A variety of instructional strategies are used including facilitator instruction, large and small group discussions and problem-solving, peer-to-peer support, individual and group projects, interactive exercises, and individualized learning. We believe that the use of technology and other forms of self-guided instruction are critical ingredients to advancement, and that the community itself can be a laboratory of experience leading to learning.

Our education and workforce development programming goes beyond our building as we establish partnerships with employers and organizations to explore additional ways to support adult learners. Our English for the Workplace (Learn at Work) site at Goodwill Industries provides English language classes for workers and we are establishing partnerships with employers developing customized curriciulum to support their employees.

Programs available

·     English for the Workplace  

·     Next Steps to Employment 

·     Supervisors as Leaders     


New initiatives currently being designed                          

Business Institute for Local Development


Youth Social Entrepreneurship

Family Involvement in Math and Science 



For Additional Information Please call:  617-427-7175


For those people seeking general ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages, we can refer to local programs).