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Public Health Programs


Parent Mentoring Program

The Parent Mentoring Program provides a range of culturally sensitive parenting education, training and support programs aimed at creating stable families that can be productively integrated into local and regional communities and economies. Read more...


Child Maternal Health Program

The goal of La Alianza Hispana’s Child Maternal Health program, a part of the Boston Healthy Start Initiative (BHSI), is to reduce infant mortality through hands-on intervention and support for pregnant and post-partum women.






La Alianza Hispana’s Child Maternal Health program provides professionally trained case managers focused on helping pregnant women and new mother’s obtain essential prenatal education, health, and emotional support and services.



The Child Maternal Health program is available free of charge to pregnant women in the Boston metropolitan area.



The Boston Healthy Start Initiative is housed in La Alianza Hispana’s Family Counseling Center at 78 Forest Street, Roxbury, MA.


For an appointment or referral, please contact: Ana Cambonchi at 617-427-7175 ext. 298 



Girls’ Initiative

The La Alianza Hispana Girls’ Initiative provides professionally supervised prevention-focused activities aimed at minimizing delinquency, drop-outs, premarital pregnancy, and other risky behaviors associated with Latina adolescents from impoverished communities. The Girls’ Initiative is available to adolescent girls between the ages of 13 and 17. Read more...