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Family Support Services


La Alianza Hispana's Mental Health and Public Health Programs focus on good social and emotional health of the Latino families across their life span. There is a tremendous need for programs offering culturally and linguistically competent services for Latinos. Increasing the volume of use of these services will have a positive impact on the organization as it capitalizes on economies of scale. The key is to build service capacity and capabilities in a cost efficient manner and continue to develop alternative revenue sources to pay for these services


Mental Health Services

La Alianza Hispana’s family counseling services provide bilingual and culturally competent mental health and family support services to the Greater Boston Area residents.                                                               

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The Family Stabilization and Support Service provides in-home crisis intervention aimed at returning destabilized or collapsing families back to emotional, physical, and financial stability.


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Public Health Services

The Maternal Health program's goal is to reduce infant mortality through hands‐on intervention and support for pregnant and post‐partum women of all ages. (Part of the Boston Healthy Start Initiative-BHSI)

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¡Cuídate!, a culturally-based program is designed to prevent pregnancy and promote safer sex decisions, including abstinence, and correct condom use. Adolescents form communities with a high percentage of Latino youth participate.

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The Girls’ Initiative provides professionally supervised prevention-focused activities aimed at minimizing delinquency, drop-outs, premarital pregnancy, and other risky behaviors associated with Latina adolescents between the ages of 13 and 17.

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The Parent Mentoring Program provides a range of culturally sensitive parenting education, training and support programs aimed at creating stable families that can be productively integrated into local and regional communities and economies.

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La Alianza Hispana Family Support Services

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